Since I am a huge fan of heels, it takes a lot for me to like a flat shoe. The designs of the fuchsia shoes did it for me... they are SO pretty! Plus, they are handmade and won't break the bank.Shop Blue Peplum

They are really comfortable ... I have an high arch but surprisingly they are really comfortable... I have got alot of compliments. People really seems to like them ... my shoes are like the standout piece of my outfit right now , which is really awesome.Shop Collection

Once I received it becasue I am still use to once you get your new shoes out of the box , you put on the right foot on and left foot on and you are good, but when I get these I was like and it took me a second to remember that these issues have no right and no left.Shop Collection

I have been wearing these all the time. I wear them with dresses, with pants, with shorts, they are just so easy to wear. They are comfortable and they are beautiful and they
are fun and I love them.
Shop Collection

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