What Is Sustainable Footwear?

We believe that people don’t just want a comfortable pair of shoes — they want to know that their purchase actually benefits the artisans behind a product. Sadly, the footwear industry is filled with stories of labor abuse, sweatshop conditions, and unfair wages. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s what Fuchsia’s sustainable footwear is all about: high-quality, environmentally responsible shoes which genuinely benefit the artisans who make them. Learn more below.



Fuchsia shoes are made in Sangla Hill, a remote town in Pakistan with a history stretching back to the time of Alexander the Great. Here, each pair of flats is handcrafted in a traditional workshop by a group of artisans who are passionate about using their skills to support their families and community. By making shoes for Fuchsia, they not only get to do what they love, they also receive a respectable living income which provides them and their loved ones with food, shelter, education, and health care.



Fuchsia is committed to treating these artisans with respect and dignity, supporting them as they continue a centuries-old tradition of time-honed craftsmanship. Not only does this result in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manufacturing process, it also means our customers can enjoy unique, handmade products which would otherwise be inaccessible to a global audience.



Fuchsia shoes begin with locally sourced natural leather which is cleaned by hand, then refined, cured with salt, and sun-dried to preserve its delicate, subtle texture. From leather-cutting to detailed embroidery, our artisans craft each shoe by hand, using raw materials which support the regional economy. The result is a shoe of remarkable quality — one which may just be the softest and most comfortable ballet flat you’ve ever worn. Find out for yourself.

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