In 2016, Fuchsia set out to bring a unique shoe from history to modernity from remote parts of the world directly to your doorstep. To date, we have created over 80,000 artisanal pairs.   

From day one, we are obsessed with the quality of the shoes we delivered and based on the feedback we've received from customers like you, we're succeeding at our goal–– while constantly working to raise the bar.       

Over the years, manufacturing, shipping, and fair compensation for employees have all risen in cost. As such, in order to continue to deliver the quality you know and love, we are increasing the pricing of our shoes.   All our embroidered flats will be priced at $128 , effective Friday, March 22nd, 2024.   

We thank you in advance for your understanding.   If you have any questions about our price increase, please feel free to contact us directly at     

Team Fuchsia

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