Women’s History Month! Series 3

Women’s History Month! Series 3

Artisan Spotlight: Meet Amna


Do you know Fuchsia Shoes are primarily packed by all women? Packaging may seem like a minor detail, and too often it is overlooked. However, packaging is an important component of a brand that tells a story and requires people who are attention to detail, and have a strong aesthetic sense.

For us it's Amna who has been with us for a little over two years. Growing up she learnt sewing at home and would often help out her mother who was an in-home tailor stitching clothes for the local community.  Her husband is running Fuchsia's operations locally managing more than 52 artisans in Sangla Hills, who make Fuchsia shoes in small batch productions. 

Post COVID, she decided to join our team full time. Just within two year of working with us, she is overseeing the packaging for the Sangla group.  She runs daily packing sessions with the team and constantly on a lookout for adding more women artisans as we grow our production. Amna is a total bar raiser - Not only is she one of the savvy minds we have met, but has a strong passion for serving others and an insatiable thirst for learning.

When our women work for Fuchsia, not only they thrive from fair and steady income, but from the holistic programs created to directly strengthen their families and communities. Vocational training programs are offered to daughters of families who cannot afford school fees, medical treatments and sanitation methods are financially supported and much more.





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