Women’s History Month! Series 2

Women’s History Month! Series 2

Meet Fuchsia’s Customer Service Team

Customer Service is a critical part of any business. At Fuchsia, this important task is handled by two rockstar gals Arshia and Noor who are the main point of human contact with our customers. 

Here is a little about them:

Arshia Komal

Arshia graduated with a bachelor's degree in Dietetics, with honors, to be precise. She secured second-highest CGPA in her batch, but at Fuchsia, she's exploring her skills in Customer Relationship and Marketing. 

She is considerate, passionate and committed. She wants to make the most of her life by being financially independent and improving the life of people around her. Her job at Fuchsia enables her to move in this direction, ultimately leading towards her bigger goals. If she has the power to solve one social issue in the world, it would be Global Poverty. 

Noor Fuchsia

Noorulain Sohail

Ever since Noor was a kid, she has been closely related to performing arts and scriptwriting. She has been writing for 10 years now and won many awards at University level, despite graduating with a degree in computer sciences. She has written copies for several big companies, and ventured into social media by developing ad copies and social media strategies. 

Noor aspires to be her own boss professionally and to be financially independent. Her strengths are discipline, dedication, and innate ability to remain calm no matter how stressful things get. She also aspired to be a role model for her girls.  If she has the power to solve one social issue in the world, it would be Child Labor.


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