Steps and Straps for all occasions!

Steps and Straps for all occasions!

We all know that struggle too well where we spend ages standing in front of our wardrobes scratching our heads over what to wear and pair when you’re getting ready; but look no further, we have the ultimate style guide for every occasion with our own exclusive collection of dazzling “Khussas” to tie up your whole look, be it for a splashy summer adventure or a sultry club night, Fuchsia footwear has everything!

Business and color, what to do?

More often than not, it is difficult to find something that is appropriately somber yet chic to wear in our daily 9-5 routine, when the workload piles up and comfort is your best bet, but who says comfort has to be boring? You can choose one of our minimal, clad colored “Khussa” flats that come in basic colors, with slim streaks of white gold and silver that are classy, and maintain the sophisticated demeanor of your work mode. 


You can pair these with pant suits, blazers, small stone jewelry; just add a neat hair bun, and you are ready to conquer the world with the supple lining of the Fuchsia ballet flats that don’t steal focus and make sure you can command a room without having to worry about any pinch in your toes! Little black dress, cute bright shoes

Shoes say a lot about a person, how they choose to dress up their feet reflects their personality, so it’s quite a task to find the perfect shoes that not only compliment your outfit but your personal grooming. Sure, the perfect little black dress and black stilettos will make you feel like a star, but one thing that shines brighter than dazzling black heels is creativity, which we bring to you with suede and velvet pumps of gorgeous reds, electric blues, emeralds greens, with the perfect amount of embroidered golden and silver wires, beads or mirrors . With the added comfort of cushioned soles, the Fuchsia Khussa pumps will brighten up any dress, flair, skirt and add a flirtatious tone to your elegant ensemble.

colorful shoes

Jumpsuit styling the Fuchsia way

2015 has seen the revival of the jumpsuit with all kinds of fabric coming back in trend, the simplistic, chic look of the jumpsuit screams for creative accessorizing, and what better way to do that than to throw on a worn denim dungaree, braid up your hair, and walk out to a Sunday brunch in our brilliantly decorated and vibrant “Khussa” sandals, coming in different designs of buckles and pumps, tufty pointed-toe flats or rainbow colored thread-work Khussas to bring a little bling to your denim blues. It not only works for an artsy hip look, but these gorgeous flats can be worn with semi casual, sexy flair jumpsuits that go perfectly with colorful accessorizing, Fuchsia has the widest range of bling and bright to bring your simple and plain jumpsuit to life. Imagine spending the perfect afternoon with your girlfriends in a black or blue jumpsuit, with beaded or metallic jewelry and a unique pair of patterned Khussa flats that scream fun and excitement!


Fuchsia Summer

How can we forget the anticipation of summer vacation when talking about fun and excitement; pool parties, beach galas, food court detours, music festivals and what not, and this is where we go all out in creating a range of shoes that capture the essence of summer like none other; just put on your beloved beach shorts and mid waist tops, pop on some kickass sunglasses and pair them with our psychedelic pair of our thread-embroidered ballet flats in peacock colors, or berry hues. Or just wear them with a strappy sundress and you needn’t wear any other accessory at all.


But the best and the easiest look to achieve is wearing them with your everyday jeans and summer capris, when you’re out shopping or just moving around town, the contrasting patterns and colors of our ballet flats will give you all day walking comfort with the most effortless stylishness you could perceive; all you need is a comfy t-shirt, your favorite pair of jeans or capris shorts, and a soft, gorgeous pair of Fuchsia ballet flats to kick off your day.

Fuchsia all year round

The design of our ballet flats and sandals are especially designed by skilled craftsmen to ensure durability, comfort and uniqueness. They can endure extreme wear and tear, and do not lose color, and will never go out of style, it doesn’t matter how formal or casual you are going, Fuchsia has the shoes for every occasion to brighten and class up your wardrobe in no time!


Josephine @ Mon, Nov 11, 19

Will you guys ever bring back the original black, blue, or red flats with the gold trim?

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