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We’re anti mass production, committed to discover unique and premium quality handmade crafts produced by artisans that are otherwise inaccessible to you. This minimize our impact on the environment and provide sustainable living for the artisans who make our products. At the same time it provides high value to our customers by making premium quality handcrafted products available directly to their doorstep.


Handmade Ballet Flats: From leather cutting to embroidery the entire process is performed by hand.
Hand Embroidery: Some of our designs take up to days because of their detail, delicacy and precision.
Quality, comfort and flexibility: Fuchsia ballet leather flats are created with highest quality leather and raw material.

We started Fuchsia Shoes to bring top quality handmade traditional styles shoes from Pakistan to the fashion hungry market of women’s footwear. Our brand, Fuchsia, reflects the themes behind our designs: vivid, elegant and full of life. Fuchsia is so more than a fashion brand. Fuchsia is a movement that connects industry artisans, who have mastered the centuries old eastern art of shoe making, to the western marketplace. Our intricate handmade embroidery is designed with the intention to fuse the western and eastern fashion in a subtle and contemporary way. Quality and comfort are our unwavering tenants - Every Fuchsia shoe is handmade by artisans who pour in their individual creativity, passion and love.

our craftsmanship

A few weeks of craftsmanship goes into every pair of fashionable shoes from Fuchsia. The process begins with an approach that blends centuries of tradition, as we start each pair with the blank slate of beautiful and individual imperfections of natural leather, with each individual craftsman lovingly and painstakingly tying each knot and sewing every seam.

shoe details

what sets us apart

1 handmade

It takes more than 30 steps to prepare a pair of fuchsia shoes.

2 embroidery

We take pride in our embroidery. Some of our intricate designs takes up to days because of their detail, delicacy and precision.

3 quality

Quality is something we are really serious about. Fuchsia shoes are created with highest quality leather and raw material.

4 comfort

We have added extra padding to the foot bed and cover the inner sides by a soft fabric that guarantees comforts.

5 flexibility

Soft and flexible leather outsole which adds more to the comfort and durability.

6 social cause

We love the idea of handmade as much as we love the investment in empowering and employing the artisans who can continue their skills.

meet our artisans

Rafiq Bajwa

Master Craftsman

Over 25 years of experience

With over 25 years of experience, Rafiq not only oversees the shoe manufacturing but also mentors other artisans. He lives in Sangla along with his family.

Shamshad Akhter

Embroidery Artisan

Around 20 years of experience

Shamshad is married to Rafiq. She has around 20 years of experience and primarily does embroidery and stitching work on upper part of the ballet flats.


Embroidery Artisan

Around 25 years of experience

Jamila is a mother of two sons and two daughters. She is an embroidery artisans with 25 years of experience. She is our sole expert of specific kind of embroidery called 'Tilla' which you see in Fuchsia Black Swan ballet flats.

Ashiq Ali

Sizing Master

30 years of experience

Aashique Ali started to learn the art of leather cutting at the age of 20 years. With 30 years of experience on hand now, Ali works on sizing and finishing of the leather ballet flats.


Sizing Master

Around 25 years of experience

Waqas brings 25 years of experience to Fuchsia. He is primarily responsible for cutting the uppers and lower sole of the ballet flats.


Stitching Artsian

18 years of experience

Manzoor knows inside out of shoe stitching with 18 years of experience. He has two daughters and a son.

Size Chart

Women's Size Chart

5 35 8.5 21.6
6 36 8.875 22.5
7 37 9.25 23.5
8 38 9.5 24.1
9 39
10 40
11 41 10.5 26.7
12 42

Women's U.S. Sizes/Widths

 Fuchsia/US Regular (INCHES) Wide (INCHES)
5 3.1875 3.5625
6 3.3125 3.6875
7 3.4375 3.8125
8 3.5625 3.9375
9 3.6875 4.0625
10 3.8125 4.1875
11 3.9375 4.3125
12 4.0625 4.4374