Phulkari Art

Each year we travel the world in search of great art. Every once in a while, we discover art so special and rare that we can’t wait to bring them home and share! One of our recent discoveries is the “Phulkari” art practiced by a group based out of District Haripur in the province of KPK in Pakistan. An entrepreneur in residence, Nasreen Akhtar runs an embroidery business managing a group of 800 women artisans working around the area. Women working for Nasreen makes Phulkari and cross stitch embroidery on traditional dresses that she sells in local exhibitions across the country. The women working for Nasreen previously earning Pakistani Rupees 1000 – 1500 per month, now earns Rupees 15,000 - 30,000 per month.

We are thrilled to partner with Nasreen and her group who will be creating the embroideries on our new Hummingbird collection. The group will be creating Fuchsia shoe’s upper embroideries, unique to our brand. This partnership provides a more solid stream of demand, creating better work stability for Nasreen’s artisans while adding some amazing fun designs to our product catalogue.

colorful shoes
colorful shoes

To create Hummingbird, we are using natural, hand-woven fibers like Jute and Khaddar - made from chrysanthemum plants grown sustainably in the foothills of the Himalayas.

This gives you a shoe so unique that has its own story to tell. Want to get on the waiting list for Humminbird?