Our Artisans

By purchasing a pair of Fuchsia flats,
you can help small industry artisans create opportunity for themselves,
their families and their communities.


Meet Our Artisans

Re-Imagining the traditional craftsmanship
Our handmade small industry artisans are from Sangla Hill,
about 64 miles from Punjab’s largest city, Lahore.


Fuchsia Shoes Pakistan
Sangla Hill is a historical place where Alexander had his stay during his march towards central India, and has left the city with his souvenir: a well which still exits and is looked after by the government. The city still has very old building such as a temple which is visible when coming into the city from Faisalabad Road. Sangla Hill city is surrounded by many villages whose residents are Muslims, Christians and a little more minorities. These all people belong to any caste and religion are grace of Sangla city to enhance the brotherhood and mankind behaviour between them to form an exemplary nation. Most of these are the farmers from Sialkot. They migrated from district Sialkot in 1865 and after migration they took initiatives in eradication of jungles and made the land fit for agriculture. The city is surrounded by almost 109 villages. The city is the major market and economic hub of the area. (source: wiki)