Fuchsia Shoes

The white lotus, which defies its muddy underwater roots to bloom pure and pristine, has been revered by ancient and
modern cultures as a symbol of beauty and resilience. Its journey and the White Lotus Tieks named for it remind us that
hope and beauty can emerge from the darkest of times and places.
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Despite disappearing under the murky waters at night, the white lotus bloom reemerges at dawn, its petals unfurling spotless and pure white. While each bloom lasts for only a few days, the flower’s pure, matte color and petal-soft texture endure in our newest full-grain Italian napa classic.


With its pure white hue and soft classic finish, White Lotus will take root in your wardrobe and blossom in every ensemble, pairing seamlessly with lights and brightening the darkest of outfits.


A white lotus topper in full bloom, its delicate petals unfurled, rests atop each box of White Lotus Tieks just as the lotus’s leaves float atop the water’s surface.